Next Generation or Successor Generation

Next Generation or Successor Generation

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Thinking of two words, between next generation and successor generation, which one is better for children’s education? Will it be the children who will continue our struggle or replace our struggle?

According to Bang Aad, changes in educating children occurred during the industrial revolution. The revolution occurred between the years 1760-1850. Surely you weren’t born then.

The industrial revolution gave rise to the steam engine. There is a change in the pattern of human work. From an agrarian and craft orientation to an industry and machine manufacturing. This includes working hours. Every day can work for 8 hours. It means that if we work for 8 hours every day now, then it is a relic of the industrial revolution. It’s great too, it feels like we are in that era.

Do you think that if the time is spent working, is there still time to educate children? Maybe yes, maybe no. If so, the chances are small. Because at home it’s time to rest and sleep.

The thing that makes the time for educating children is getting narrower is that the child’s mother also works. If the father works, he must and must earn a living. But mother? Why should he be at home working outside? This is what many are experiencing now is not it? Wow, again we get the legacy of the industrial revolution era!


I once attended a youth gathering. The speaker discussed youth, well, the name is also Karang Taruna. When it comes to parents, it’s usually about tartar! Oops!

He said, maybe you don’t know him, the word “risk” should be removed and replaced with the word “consequence”. The impression is, the risk is negative, while the consequences are positive.

Risks and consequences are the fruit of our efforts and actions. However, again said the speaker, the risk tends to be negative. Consequences tend to be positive. Which one do you prefer to use yourself? The red one, right? Well, even talking about clothes!

When the industrial revolution caused both parents to be busy working, their children were sent to school. Want to know the origin of the word “school”? Apparently comes from the Greek word. Greek names are not people’s names, you know! You see, there are Yuwarni, Yuparni, and Yudarni. Just choose which one? Widow of all that. Hehe, kidding, it’s just a fictional character.

The Greek word for “school” is skhole, which means free time. Free time. During the industrial revolution, schools became a substitute for the role of parents.

In fact, the school is a teaching institution you know, not education. In schools, there is only knowledge and skill transfer competence. There are also students whose faces are pretty. Tell me to go back a little, it’s too cute!

Schools are not considered to teach character. In fact, what teaches the character is SMS and Twitter. Both have short character traits. Yes, right? Are you still on Twitter today? Or do you still like texting your friends? How much is your credit every month?

Within schools, there is a transfer of pedagogical knowledge and microteaching skills. As for the characters need the name of love, affection, and knowledge of parenting. Wouldn’t it be more fitting if done by parents?


Since the era of the industrial revolution, character education has been neglected. These negative conditions are trying to be covered up by parents.

Children are given a lot of money, abundant nutrition, complete toys, basically to cover the sins of parents to their children. The connection was earlier, with the time and attention of parents to their children’s education was reduced.

Indeed, children grow physically quite quickly, but mental maturity is slow. At the end of the 19th century, a new generation called teenagers was born, which turned out to be different from youth. This, of course, is not different from the writing, but because of the physical and mental development of adolescents. Relation to aqil balig, balignya fast, late aqil.

Teenagers are synonymous with free sex, brawls, and pedophilia. At the age of 7 years, has grown quite interestingly. Hence, Indonesia has become one of the targets of international pedophiles.

This is made worse by the content, be it photos or videos that show off this beautiful young teenager. His parents thought their child was beautiful, so they put it on social media. The child was happy and willing because he found happiness there. In fact, what is called social media is really hard to predict in the future. Moreover, the name alone can turn into social media. Don’t be unlucky!

Juvenile Delinquency 

The term juvenile is also synonymous with delinquency, the name is juvenile delinquency. An example of a case is the rape committed by a teenager against a child under five.

Judging from the perpetrators, they may be considered as children. You know, you know, how can you be called a child, when he can rape? How can children make children? A more suitable word for it is not juvenile delinquency, but juvenile crime. Well, that’s more suitable, uh, fits. Yes No?

Want to know when the term teenager appeared? It has been around since the late 19th century (Hilgard, 1979). Adolescents are very bearable figures. Not a child, but not yet an adult.

The use of the term teenager seems to be happening globally, without mentioning TV, right? However, teenagers are unknown in backward and isolated society. Like the Baduy tribe. They don’t recognize teenagers. The children are 12 years old, they are married, and have their own family. The same thing happened to the Anak Dalam tribe in Jambi and the tribes in Papua.

Teenagers are increasingly recognized because there are scientific, social, and even religious justifications. We know there are mosque youths. There is BKPRMI (Indonesian Mosque Youth Communication Agency), there are Islamic youths, and so on.


Teenagers are usually not able to earn their own money. Let’s compare it with teenagers and young people. Remember the sentence from Bung Karno? Give me 10 young men, I will shake the world. Now it can change to: “Give me 10 teenagers and I’ll have a headache!”

In the past, young people, not teenagers, were very progressive. HOS Cokroaminoto at the age of 18 founded the Sarekat Islam. Tan Malaka, aged 15, migrated to the Netherlands at his own expense. Buya Hamka, aged 16, has migrated to Mecca.

If you look at those who take the Youth Pledge, the average age is 14 years. Hence, these super-spirited youths have produced an extraordinary history for this nation.

Indonesia really needs a lot of youth, not teenagers. We need a replacement generation, not just a successor that will get worse and worse. In fact, an American sociologist is dizzy with the behavior of today’s teenagers. He even said that 12 year olds are better off being sedated. Later the age of 20 years just woken up. Hmm, looks like Captain America, doesn’t it? Frozen, like canned fish, hehe..

It is a tough task for parents to make their children young, not teenagers. If we don’t start now, our children who become teenagers will behave badly. Some say, maybe later in 2035, there will be teenagers waiting for public transportation while committing adultery. Naudzubillah min dzalik.

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